Virtual optimization and Casino themes

Over the last three decades, we have watched the rise of online gambling. The red carpets give room for the personal desks. The rooms with high ceilings, chandeliers, and bright lights give room to cyber-cafes and computers. It was inevitable. With the “online fever”, social media marketing, and the possibility to reach every corner of the world, it was only a matter of time before online gambling became a new trend.

It became possible to gamble at any time, any day. Gamblers don’t have to leave the comfort of their houses or their habits to play online, traveling to physical spaces became optional. There are no dress codes in online gambling. Waiting for a place at the blackjack table, or for a specific slot machine became a thing of the past. If you wish it so, there are no noises and no distractions. There is no need for dealers and shuffling, making the game pace faster. With the evolution of online banking, virtual wiring, and payment methods, some say that nowadays it could be safer to play online than in a physical space. Moving to an online setting can also have downsides, such as the little to none social interaction, the possible delays you can face when the time comes to withdraw your earnings, and the periodic maintenance and system downtime required for online platforms.

Having the possibility to gamble online in the comfort of your home, or on the move, raised many concerns. The spread to a wider population range might raise gambling addiction and access by younger population groups.

In the United States, the path was riddled with legal obstacles and battles, such as the “Federal Wire Act”, the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act”, and the Internet “Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act” but it didn’t take long before iconic institutions, such as the Golden Nugget Casino, to move into this new age of gambling.


Golden Nugget Casino

The brand moved into the gambling business in 1946. It has been owned by Jevy Suarez, the MGM Mirage Group, The Poster Financial Group, and finally Landry’s Inc., in 2005. The history of the Golden nugget is full of curiosities:


  • Can be seen throughout the police chase in James Bond’s “Diamonds are forever”.
  • Fox’s reality TV series “The Casino” was based on the Golde Nugget’s acquisition by Poster Financial
  • Presence in video games. The background of Street Fighter II, and the uncanny similarity of the “Silver Rush’s” logo with the Golden Nugget logo in Fallout: New Vegas.

Golden Nugget opened the doors in Atlantic City, in 2011, after Landry’s Inc. purchased the casino. However, it wasn’t until December 23rd, 2014 that the Golden Nugget online casino opened its cyber doors to real money betting, following a short initial delay. The website offers a wide variety of playable games (more than 300). Seven blackjack options, 255 slot titles, table games such as Let it Ride, Roulette Master, European Roulette, No Commission Baccarat, Three Weel Roulette, Three Card Poker, and Double Bonus Spin Roulette, and more than 20 video poker options. It offers an online VIP club for high volume players that accumulate a total of 3,000 points, with exclusive bonuses and games. The multitude of games combined with the user-friendly banking options (it allows Visa, Mastercard, Check, Cash at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City cage, Bank wire, Netteler, electronic checks and Golden Nugget Prepaid Card with 1% cashback) and promotions are the main reason this online platform has been gaining its well-deserved popularity.

The virtual optimization and the importance of the website presentation

With the burst of online content and available platforms, it was only natural that an era of optimization would begin. A struggle to make things presentable, user-friendly, clean and eye-catching. The difficulties experienced in creating a website due to technical knowledge and several variables involved made room for WordPress to emerge to make every online presence easier. Offering a multitude of creative designs, advanced virtual statistics, mobile phone compatibility, support, domain creation and ease of usage, it is leading the revolution of website creation and presentation.

WordPress Gambling themes

With that in mind, it is not a surprise that a wide variety of WordPress themes came into existence. The online gambling niche being no exception. A simple search would show a fair amount of brightly-colored, eye-grasping, lively looking themes directed at this specific sector. But what is the future of online gambling platforms? How will they look? How easy will it be to navigate them and play the games? How difficult will it be to create them?

The future of online gambling

Statistics show that online gambling will continue its ascendance as more states and countries approve it, and more people become aware of it existence and convenient access.

Companies are becoming more familiarized with social media marketing and are recognizing that when investing in a non-physical space, web development is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, it may be essential to have a fast, intuitive, easy-to-work-with theme that is already prepared.

With the increasing number of mobile devices, the spread of Wi-Fi networks and the new habits of switching copiously from tablets to laptops, from PC’s to mobile phones, and from mobile phones to tablets in a matter of minutes, it is reasonable to assume that easy to use, responsive, and mobile device-compatible platforms will lead the way in the revolution.

With the development of Themes, like Spine, that goes above and beyond to provide quality, despite being easy to set up and offering customization, translation readiness, responsiveness, and mobile-readiness. Maybe it is safe to assume that the future of every Industry will go in this direction. Maybe in the future we will see the gambling industry using Themes like Spine, making it easier for the developers and for the users. As a user, I am curious to try it out. Only time will tell.