Top WordPress themes for review sites

Global is the word. Everyone is part of one global community. The global mindset paved the way for online businesses and, of course, online shopping. The online “bazaar” offers pretty much anything nowadays and, with everything within reach, filtering amongst millions of different options became a necessity.


One of the most popular ways to filter through all the content available is to read reviews. Review sites have been appearing by the thousands due to this consumer behavior and finding a good review site can prove to be a difficult challenge. Whether you are looking for a new camera to record your funniest moments, or looking for a present for your kid’s birthday, what makes you like and/or trust a specific review website?

What do you look for when visiting review sites?

What makes a good review site? How can you captivate people to visit a certain review website? Does anyone trust online reviews?

If you are not sure what to purchase, or if you have product performance concerns, review sites can be very helpful. Nevertheless, they can be very extenuating to navigate, and very painful to look at.

Let’s face it, you want the platform to quickly give you the answers you need, with as few complications as possible. You already have a problem you need to fix (what restaurant to go, what product to buy, what book to read, etc.). You want a clean-looking, reliable website that can run on your phone, with options to filter by any type of review you are looking for (i.e. “I’m just interested in reading about this restaurant’s dessert”), up-to-date reviews, and with value-for-money, best price, and cheapest options.

If you are interested in knowing what a review site looks like, what kind of issues are addressed, and what options can be provided, take a look at this site, made by a group of three friends that work together in the woodworking business, and are happy to share their experiences and know-how in order to give the best possible choices for the people who are interested in this field, but lack the knowledge or experience to make decisions: best router tables.

As you may have heard, WordPress-based websites can help you accomplish these goals. Whether you are a customer looking for a review, or a review website owner, WordPress can work wonders for you.

“Going Spine”

WordPress can be a very powerful tool to turn a website into a user-friendly, clean-looking and optimized platform. In a time when people increasingly value the time they spend browsing a website, and its presentation, optimization, and reliability, WordPress can be invaluable for a business to be successful. However, one of the most incredible things about WordPress is the easiness with which someone can set up a website. Let us consider, for a moment, the three gentlemen that write reviews about woodworking. They are highly skilled individuals, with years of experience, in the woodworking field. For them to build a review website, they would need to hire a programmer or a web designer, or maybe even learn how to build a website by themselves. WordPress makes this process much, much simpler, allowing money-saving while maintaining high-quality standards.

WordPress allows:

  • Easy website set-up
  • Clean-looking, highly customizable pages
  • E-commerce integration
  • User-friendly mindset
  • Focus on the customer
  • Mobile optimization
  • And a lot more

The details, mentioned above, are very important because people are very selective when it comes to which websites they visit and how they spend their time, nowadays. Remember how there are millions of products and there is a need to filter through? Well, there are millions of websites too, creating a necessity to make your website as good-looking and optimized as the ones you like to visit the most.

Take a step further, check Spine, a responsive WordPress theme, which concentrates all its efforts to make the experience of building a website as simple as possible while maintaining excellent quality. Spine is highly customizable, mobile-ready, easy-to-use and translation-ready.

All things considered

Remember what is needed for people to like a review site. Be aware that a decision to keep browsing a website is made in a few seconds (if you don’t believe me, try it yourself: open a few websites and see how much time you take to decide whether to keep browsing through or to click your way out as soon as possible). When you think about these things you realize you need to be aware of your customers’ desires and that you have to keep the latest online trends in mind. People are increasingly responding to the “less is more mentality”. As stated, a few seconds is enough for people to want to leave a website, so what do you need to do to make them stay? If you think about it, a few seconds is only enough to have a general overview of the website’s presentation. Focusing on presentation and providing a clean-looking, uncluttered website is a must. Once this step is complete and people decide to stay on your website, the next level is to have an optimized, user-friendly platform, meaning that people should have absolutely no difficulty when it comes to finding, or getting to exactly where they want within your website, and this can prove to be incredibly challenging. The last, but maybe the most important step is mobile-readiness. Never forget the fact that probably the first, and maybe the last, time that people will access your website is through their phones, so you need to make sure there are absolutely no problems when you run your website through a mobile platform.

Remember to rely on WordPress to make things simpler for you when building a website, relying on the wisdom of a company that knows all about websites and their trends and decided to make an open source, highly customizable platform to make your life easier, is a good use of your time. Apply the time you gain by using Spine to concentrate on what you do best and give people what they really want, and build a top-rated review website.