Creating a WordPress blog to attract singles

WordPress has revolutionized the blog world since the beginning of its existence. It has evolved since the early days and now features constant development and improvements due to its popularity and reliability. It has been allowing customer focus and insight, proving to be a valuable asset to any business. How can we take advantage of its features to captivate specific groups of clients? The focus goes to single people, a group that has been rising in the last decade, with a very specific lifestyle and singular interests, such as online dating. What can you expect from an online dating service? The online dating stigma has been broken and the number of people that use these services has been rising. How can you attract this particular group of people to your blog and how can WordPress help you achieve that?


Online Dating

As stated above, online dating has lost its stigma and single adults now believe it is a great way to meet new people. The public opinion about online dating has changed dramatically over the last decade and people have a very positive opinion about this subject nowadays.

You probably hear more about online love stories today, than you would ever think you would in the past. Couples that met online and got married are not as rare.

But mostly, we watched as dating apps, such as tinder, moved into the lives of young singles. However, the number of people of older ages using the new trends in online dating has also risen. If you haven’t heard anything about tinder, it is one of the most popular dating applications, made famous by the “swipe” mechanism you use when “choosing” a possible date. This application, although mostly used on mobile devices, is also available on your PC, and represents one of the greatest success stories in the dating world. This was possible, not only due to the iconic “swipe” mechanics that add a game-like feeling to the experience but also by the simple set-up and free chat provided.


WordPress represents one of the major revolutions in website development, putting the power in the business/blog owner. With all the advantages it offers, such as SEO optimization tools, plug-ins, customization, and mobile readiness, to name a few, combined with the effort made to make it “easy-to-use”, it can represent a major boost  for any business. It is quick, easy and simple, saving time for more important things, and money for different investments.

But how can WordPress help when it comes to attracting a specific group of people, such as single people?

WordPress is very intuitive when it comes to creating blogs, as it was originally designed for exactly that purpose. The real question is how can you attract specific groups. Well, when you think about this group in specific, you think of people that are usually connected online, on the move, with fast lifestyles. To make these people curious about your blog, you need zero complications. It has to be smooth, optimized, simple, catchy and interesting. This is why WordPress can be a valuable asset. Apart from having a really clean and customizable look to it, it is widely developed and optimized, with fresh additions appearing every day. It also offers search engine optimization tools, which can be very important to gain insight into your target audience and plan your decisions accordingly.

Responsive themes like Spine could be the answer to this specific audience. Spine goes the distance to offer things such as responsiveness, easiness of usage, mobile-readiness and translation readiness. Since most of these people are attracted to simplification, presentation, and optimization, Spine could be the tool you need to take your blog to the next level. Something to keep in mind is the fact that Spine offers mobile readiness, which is priceless nowadays. As people (this specific group in particular) are always on the move, it is very likely that the first contact they will have with your business is through a mobile device. This can be very good or very bad. Statistics show that people make decisions about staying or leaving a website based on presentation and simplification. This means that when people look at your blog, the first impression will be visual – quality of design, images, and general presentation – and the second impression will be mechanic (if they give the website a chance, based on their “feeling” about the presentation) – how does it respond to the user, optimization issues, if everything is within reach and easily spottable or not, etc. It is important to understand that people make this decision in a matter of seconds and this is why you need to focus really hard and take advantage of all the features WordPress and Spine offer to achieve these goals.

Long story short

Long story short, focusing on an “easy-to-use” mentality, avoiding time-consuming complications every it is possible and opting for the “clean”, simple look can go a long way in persuading any group of customers to visit, stay and return to your blog. However, when this particular group is concerned, respecting all of the above and focusing on mobile optimization can really make the difference and contribute to your success.

A theme like Spine, that distinguishes itself by an extreme focus on usability, adaptability, and optimization (with many happy customers) can be just the tool you need to address this segment of the population. As people increasingly value time, the features and reliability offered by this theme could be everything you need to achieve higher standards and better results, since both the client and the business owner benefit from this experience.

The fact that studies are beginning to be conducted, in a more serious manner, on how to attract customers online, how to improve digital marketing and how to increase your online visibility, combined with the development of new tools and features, foresee an interesting future in the world of digital marketing and web development.