Using WordPress for academic writing

Writing academic papers can be maddening. You can get lost among the specifications, the deadlines, the sharp rigor and the attention to detail. Have you ever had to write an academic paper? Do you remember the extensive research? The extensive revisions? The constant awareness of the deadline? Fortunately, the number of people with academic degrees peaked, paving the way for businesses to specialize in academic writing, and ease this toilsome process for people who just don’t have the time or the will. With the rising number and the advantages of online businesses, how can WordPress integrate this niche and what can it do for the owners and the clients?

Academic writing

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Although they are aware that they are not the cheapest option online, apart from assigning a specialist to your particular area, they also assure you that your paper will be written with the utmost quality and that they will respect the deadline, however short. They also provide a free revision service for two weeks.

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WordPress and Spine

Everyone has probably heard about the advantages of using WordPress to enhance your online presence, without the downsides associated with creating/maintaining websites. WordPress (for those who haven’t heard) offers a multitude of advantages in website development, such as popularity, scalability, and creativity, making sites less likely to falter and widely customizable. WordPress allows you to make a variety of customizations and alterations on your website, without the need to hire a web developer, saving both time and money. It also offers SEO tools, which can prove to be a major asset for your company, and mobile optimization tools, which is a huge advantage since mobile is becoming the new trend. It also allows easy integration of E-commerce and a wide range of plug-ins, to better fit your needs or goals. The major advantage is, however, the easiness of usage experienced by the website creators. Simple tasks, such as adding blog posts or images, are indeed simple, saving a lot of time on formatting that can be used in other important areas of the business, such as SEO.

How can we improve it further? The answer is to focus on your needs and optimize, taking advantage of all that WordPress can offer.

Spine, a responsive WordPress theme can meet your goals. This theme offers custom header image (possible to use page/post featured image), custom menus (three locations), custom background, custom page template, sticky posts styles, and different layouts. Apart from the customization, Spine also offers mobile readiness, translation readiness and an essay writing service provided by Slickwriters.

Using WordPress for academic writing

With all this in mind, with themes like Spine and the availability of essay writing services included in WordPress platforms, we can assume that using WordPress can benefit everyone involved in the process. With the simplicity of usage being, in itself, a major customer allure, both the academic writing business owners, and their clients will benefit from the combination of the two areas.

As online businesses become more and more common, people are beginning to realize that there are very important details that should be considered to improve the quality, and the success of their businesses. Clients are being bombarded with enormous quantities of online content and are filtering through. Everyone has access and reacts differently to online information, but there are simple things that can make the difference. Believe it or not, WordPress and themes like Spine can be a major advantage when it comes to certain details. People are looking for simplicity and try to avoid any sort of complications. Who wants to look for anything on a website and face the same hardships you face when you need to get something done on your banking website? Online presentation is of the utmost importance. Unless you have a clean looking, responsive platform people are more likely to skip your website. Another thing that can be the reason for a client’s return to your website is optimization. In general, people are very sensible to optimization, especially the new generations, making it very important to have everything they might need from your website (plug-ins, access to services, etc) within easy reach. Lastly, the importance of mobile-readiness should not be underestimated. In fact, it should be considered as a top priority. Statistics are beginning to show that most people are accessing websites from their mobile phones before they do it on their computer. This means that you have the opportunity to captivate your clients while they are on their cellphones, making it very important to have a pristine and mobile-ready presentation.

So, for people who are looking for someone to write their academic papers, the ability to do so from their phones, in a simple, easy-to-use platform can be life-saving, since most of them look for this kind of services due to time constraints. And business owners can rest assured, knowing that they have a trendy, functional, and targeted operation going.

The introduction of new plug-ins, features, and the effort to make everything user-friendly in online-based platforms never ceases to amaze. The rate of development and the new online trends we are experiencing in our time are incredible, and we are probably just beginning to scratch the surface.